Family photo session in Allschwil

Family Photography Switzerland | Familien Fotografie Basel

Earlier this year I had the chance to conduct a photo session in Allschwil. The family choose a spot that many of us in Basel will be familiar with: the Allschwiler Wald. I wasn’t too familiar with this side of Allschwil. This was a rather quiet corner right behind a small residential area, except for … the croaking frogs! The sound reminded me of the frogs in Singapore after a thunderstorm.

Right at Basel’s doorstep,  Allschwil offers tons of possibilities for an outdoor photo shoot. Right were Tram 8 ends, near the Weiher, Allschwiler Wald offers several steep drops and a creek. This side is beautiful for a stroll and for a Sunday grill. Kids can have tons of fun either in the water or simply by climbing up and down the hill. After crossing the Oberwilerstrasse, you end up at the water tower. I didn’t have the chance to go up yet to get some views of Basel, but love the fact that you can pick flowers here. Going down again there is a small playground, some barbecue pits and a creek. This side has some more agriculture; the area around the dam is gorgeous in spring.


Lina Meisen is a lifestyle family photographer in Basel, Switzerland. She specialises in family, maternity and newborn and child portrait photography. Lina is based in Basel but loves to travel to other places for work.

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